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New Frank Dude Movie

2007-11-10 21:08:20 by PeteZahut

Yes. I know I mentioned in my last post that I would be making Frank Bot movies, but I gave up on that. I've been doodling Frank Dude pictures when at school and I've now found a Frank Dude design that I like. But unfortunately I don't have my tablet yet because the store doesn't have any in stock. So I have to do everything with the mouse and it is taking forever just to do simple things. But I have stopped using so many tweens and am now doing a lot more FBF. I have also added a story instead of Frank Dude just narrating, and I also added a mouth to him and am currently trying to get better at lip synching. So I was working on my new movie and have gotten to about 10 seconds. So I thought, why not show Newgrounds what the new Frank Dude movies will look like. So below is a link to a preview of the movie that I'm currently working on and hope to have out soon, but probably won't because it's taken me more than 2 days just to do this. But then again...I have a suspension from school for something stupid I did. So I will have nothing to do until Wednesday when I go back. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens ladies and gents. And before I forget to put this's the link:Frank Dude Movie Preview

New Frank Dude Movie


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2007-11-10 23:18:56

Oh god you're still making those frank dude movies?

Well at the very least you're improving them.

Also you probably won't change this but it's really annoying when he says "crapped a branch out at me". Feels like the 'out' part shouldn't be there. It sounds stupid but when I listen to it it doesn't seem right.


2007-11-10 23:25:56


looks good ^^


2007-11-11 01:10:25

Just about everything about these movies is really, really terrible.


PeteZahut responds:

well...I don't know what to say. I knwo in the past my movies weren't that great. But I was making them in under 24 hours. But now I've started improving on them and making everything better. People have started to notice this, and then you come along and have nothing good to say about them. What's your problem? I'm trying to make a good flash movie. Can you not see that? Did you even watch the preview or just judge this movie based on what the older ones were like? It's people like you who don't appreciate hard work that make me mad.


2007-11-11 18:53:20

Yes, I watched the preview. The voice acting, art and animation are generally bad. I recognize "hard work" when I see it and this is definitely not he product of hard work.

PeteZahut responds:

I spent two days working with a crap computer and a crap mouse just to animate 10 seconds of my movie and complete Frank Dude's walk cycle and run cycle. This was a lot of hard work since I don't have a tablet.