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I love you more than bunnies

2008-03-08 16:26:25 by PeteZahut

I made a new movie from a song I found at and decided to make this movie More Than Bunnies
Also...*cough*songs to wear pants to collection*cough*

New Flash!

2007-12-10 01:35:17 by PeteZahut

I finally finished this!

What? Were you expecting more?

New Frank Dude Movie

2007-11-10 21:08:20 by PeteZahut

Yes. I know I mentioned in my last post that I would be making Frank Bot movies, but I gave up on that. I've been doodling Frank Dude pictures when at school and I've now found a Frank Dude design that I like. But unfortunately I don't have my tablet yet because the store doesn't have any in stock. So I have to do everything with the mouse and it is taking forever just to do simple things. But I have stopped using so many tweens and am now doing a lot more FBF. I have also added a story instead of Frank Dude just narrating, and I also added a mouth to him and am currently trying to get better at lip synching. So I was working on my new movie and have gotten to about 10 seconds. So I thought, why not show Newgrounds what the new Frank Dude movies will look like. So below is a link to a preview of the movie that I'm currently working on and hope to have out soon, but probably won't because it's taken me more than 2 days just to do this. But then again...I have a suspension from school for something stupid I did. So I will have nothing to do until Wednesday when I go back. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens ladies and gents. And before I forget to put this's the link:Frank Dude Movie Preview

New Frank Dude Movie